2015 Prius

9318_st1280_089 Car buyers in Chantilly are considering the 2015 Prius as their next sedan purchase. Drop by Miller Toyota so one of our experts can give you all the details. If you’re looking for a hybrid model, the Prius makes a suitable competition for the Corolla. Especially since it also carries the title as the best selling hybrid of all time. For buyers based in Chantilly, the choice is basically between a hybrid or a regular gas engine. If you want to learn more about the hybrids, keep reading!


The 2015 Toyota Prius offers just one trim, a hybrid model that gives advantage to helping the environment. There is, however, a possibility that the Corolla will include a Hybrid option in this year model. Here are the differences between the engines: 2015 Toyota Prius:

    • The 1.8L engine delivers 134 hp


Toyota continues to improve its car models year after year. Apart from making each model a fuel efficient option, its focus in making comfort a priority never fails to impress. Check out the features on the two models: 2015 Toyota Prius:

    • Slightly restyled interior comes with comfortable seats
    • There is plenty of space for luggage
    • Features include DVD, Bluetooth, and navigation system


There is a reason why Toyota models continue to gain a reputation as among the safest cars in the market. Given the fact that these two models make up the best selling title of the car manufacturer, it can be expected that they will include some of the latest safety features. The most common of these include:

    • Driver, front passenger, seat mounted, curtain, and knee airbags to protect passengers
    • Hill start assist that helps when driving on a hilly road
    • Tire pressure monitoring system that gives you an alert when you need to have it adjusted

If you like what you read about the 2015 Toyota Prius, visit Miller Toyota in Chantilly today! Our knowledgeable sales staff will be eager to assist you with your concerns. Plus if you need service assistance, our factory trained technicians are ready to help out. Miller Toyota in Chantilly is the destination for your Toyota needs.