Comparing the 2017 Toyota Land Cruiser to the Competition

2017 Toyota Land Cruiser
The 2017 Toyota Land Cruiser has a much higher price tag than the rest of the Toyota lineup, for good reason. This full-size SUV has the features, materials, and capabilities of luxury models but is more affordable than they are. It comes fully packed with features so you don’t need... [read more]

These Accessories Help You Customize Your All-New 2017 Toyota 86

2017 Toyota 86
The new 2017 Toyota 86 is one of the many new models resulting from Toyota absorbing the Scion brand. The 86 is a great option for Virginia drivers who like high-performance vehicles with sporty styling. In addition to offering a range of options and colors, the Toyota 86 allows for further customization... [read more]

From Barn to Brewery: Preservation of Historic Thomasson Barn

The historical landmark barn - known as Thomasson Barn - which is located on Hornbaker Road ​at the intersection of Routes 28 and 234, is soon going to become a brewery. The Prince William Board of County Supervisors recently sold the barn and six surrounding acres to Silva Holding Company for $1... [read more]

How the Civil War Helped Shape Manassas

Historic events helped to shape our nation and become what it is today. In the case of Manassas, Virginia there were two very important and crucial, key elements during the Civil War that helped shape the Manassas of today. They were, of course, bloody battles. Like all battles, they were... [read more]

Dollar Store DIY

Dollar Store DIY Manassas
Crafting does not have to be expensive. In fact, you can create quality crafts on a dollar store budget. Yes, a dollar store budget. Stained Glass Wall Art & Personalized Coffee Cups For instance, you could create stained wall art by using a cheap rubber rug and white spray paint. The rug... [read more]