Favorite TV Shows By State

Favorite TV Show By State Virginia
If you've ever lived in another state you may not have noticed it but you probably watched a different show more frequently than you would have in another location. It may have something to do with where the show itself takes place. There is something in us that makes it... [read more]

Picking the Right 2016 Toyota Corolla Trim

2016 Toyota Corolla Manassas
The 2016 Toyota Corolla has 12 trim families, which can make the decision a difficult one. To narrow down what you want, you have to evaluate your needs and then look at what each trim level offers. Of course, the trim you choose is going to influence price. The more... [read more]

A Look Back at the History of the Toyota Camry

Toyota Camry Manassas
The first-generation Toyota Camry and the upcoming 2017 Toyota Camry look nothing alike. This is a car that has greatly evolved since it made its debut in 1984. If you look at the first-generation model, what you would see is what we now consider a very basic vehicle. At the... [read more]

How to Use Your Fitness Tracker to Get in Shape

Getting in Shape with a Fitness Tracker Manassas VA
Everyone has high hopes for losing weight, and a fitness tracker is a useful tool. Fitness trackers can help monitor exercise, calories, count your steps and track sleep patterns. Though a fitness tracker is helpful, remember that it’s not a substitute for adherence to a weight loss plan. Fitness Tracker Revolution With... [read more]

Toyota Entune vs. Chevy MyLink

Entune MyLink Manassas
When comparing the Toyota Entune with the Chevy MyLink infotainment systems, you will see that they share certain similarities. However, if you look closer, you will realize that each system is unique. If audio streaming, information gathering, navigation, and connectivity are important features in a new car, you definitely want... [read more]