Find Volunteer Opportunities in Manassas

Volunteer Opportunities
You’re a responsible member of the Manassas community, but it can be hard to find times to volunteer. Therefore, you need to check out the following opportunities. You may just find one that works with your schedule. When you help out your community, other people around you benefit. But you... [read more]

5 Interesting Facts About Toyota

You may love Toyotas, but how much do you really know about the company that makes them? This company has a long and interesting history, and if you want to learn more about the brand, you should learn about its past. This can give you more insight into why the... [read more]

Distracted Driving Simulator for Osbourn HS After-Prom Festivities

Distracted Driving Simulator
We're excited to announce our Distracted Driving Simulator event for Osbourn High School's After-Prom Festivities on April 21/22. This Miller-Toyota sponsored event is only open to students. Distracted Driving Simulator Texting can be more dangerous than alcohol to drivers (some studies say up to eight times more dangerous). Laws are being passed... [read more]

Camry Hybrid vs. Prius: What’s Right for You?

toyota camry
So, you’re thinking about buying a fuel-efficient vehicle. That’s great! Whether you want a car like this because you care about the environment and want to do your part or just want to spend less money at the gas pump, you’re sure to find a Toyota that meets your needs.... [read more]

Get Ready for EAA 186 18th Annual Chili Cook-Off!

EAA Chili Cook Off
Are you an amazing chili chef? Or do you just love chili more than the average person? Either way, you’re going to love the EAA 186 18th Annual Chili Cook-Off. This year, Chapter 186 of the Experimental Aircraft Association is looking for chili cooks and judges, so you need to... [read more]