10 Things You Might Not Know About the 2014 Corolla

Most people have heard of the 2014 Toyota Corolla, as it is one of the most popular compact sedans on the market. It is common to know the basic features, such as that it seats five passengers and is a four-door sedan. Here are some things you might not know. Aerodynamics If... [read more]

2015 Toyota Camry – Coming Soon To Virginia

The 2015 Toyota Camry is coming soon to Virginia and will be available at Miller Toyota. The 2015 Toyota Camry is all new and totally redesigned for the new model year. While we don't know all the details on the all new Camry - we do know what it will... [read more]

2014 Corolla: Best Road Trip Features

Have Fun Taking Your Corolla To The Beach
2014 Corolla: Best Road Trip Features Whether you are looking for a car for short trips or longer road trips, the 2014 Toyota Corolla can be an excellent choice. This car has the same general features as its predecessors, but... [read more]

2014 Corolla LE vs S

The 2014 Toyota Corolla is a new version of a tried and true Toyota classic. When you decide to purchase the 2014 model, you will be able to choose from several different trim levels, including the S, L, LE, and LE Eco. There are also Plus and Premium options for... [read more]