What’s New In the 2014 Corolla?

The launch of the 2014 incarnation of Toyota’s venerable Corolla saw a car that’s had its first facelift in quite a long time, but what of the 2014 Toyota Corolla changes? Are they merely cosmetic or is there a real improvement in the stuff and substance of what would still... [read more]

What do the different Toyota model names mean?

Have you ever wondered at the quirkiness of Toyota model names? If you are a Toyota owner or fan, you might find the origin of some of these Toyota model names enlightening or merely interesting. In any case, it makes a change from reading car model comparison articles. Toyota Camry The name... [read more]

Toyota Corolla versus Chevrolet Cruze: 2014 Models

toyota corolla vs chevrolet cruze
In case you are in a purchasing dilemma and trying to assess the Toyota Corolla versus Chevrolet Cruze, here is a concise overview of some key areas where (spoiler alert) the Cruze, while a strong contender against the latest Corolla incarnation, still falls a way behind. Fuel Economy In the battlefield of... [read more]

What makes the 2014 Toyota Corolla a fun vehicle

Toyota has always been known for its dependability, but the 2014 Toyota Corolla is a fun car to drive. For those who have come to associate Toyota with value and reliability, you might discover that the all-new Corolla is anything but a utilitarian vehicle. With all the time you spend... [read more]